Nudism in Poland

It is worth to know that nudism in Poland is not a popular thing. Unlike countries like Bulgaria, Croatia or even our neighbouring Germany, Polish people are rather shy and don’t eager to present themselves in full on the public beaches.

Nudism is also quite controversial, especially if involves families with children. General opinion do not accept taking children to the nudist beach.

History of Polish nudism

The majority of Poland associate nudism with Zbingiew Wodecki’s song from the seventies: “Chałupy welcome to”. He sang about the most famous nudist beach in small town on Hel penisula: Chałupy. The whole nation sang the lyrics about Miss Nature and “tekstylni” (those who wear textile) who are appaled but yet very curious about nudist beach.

Is nudism legal in Poland

Nudism in Poland is legal. There is no problem with showing skin on the nudist beach (see the list below). However on the public beaches it is not accepted, even topless sunbathing. It may results in a lot of unwanted attention from both men and women. Polish people treat nudism as curiosity, and judging from the text of many comments under articles about nudist beaches in Poland – some regard it as unhealthy deviation.

According to the poll from 2007, 90% of Polish people don’t accept naked sunbathing on public beaches. 4% say they have tried nudism. According to poll of 2002 members of 43 out of 100 marriages never see their partners naked.

A few years ago media reported on the “problem” of nudist beach on the border of Germany and Poland. When the borders between two countries ceased to exist, Polish people got access to the beach and… it started. One of the city councilors of Swinoujscie appealed to Polish municipality to undertake actions in order to stop the “deviation” on German beach.

His reaction was generally regarded as a foolish prudnes, but there are tourists who could only accept nudist as long as they stayed by the German side of the border. Some time after the “scandal” there was an initiative to extend the Polish part of the nudist beach. As far as I know it didn’t go through. There was even a motion from one of the councilors to make it accessable only for people below 35…

Nudist beaches in Poland

The most well known nudist  beaches in Poland are:

  • Ahlbeck/Swinoujście (small part by the Polish side)
  • Chałupy/Kuznica (half way between two towns, around 4 km long)
  • Dębki  )starts around 500 m West from estuary of river Piaśnica up to  Białogóra,  over 7 km long)
  • Rowy (near Słowiński National Park)
  • Chłapowo/Rozewie (the only nudist beach created by locals, 2 km long)
  • Pogorzelica/Mrzeżyno (10 km long)
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