Warsaw’s restaurants. What do we know about them? We consider ourself quite fond of good food. Sure we don’t blog about the baked potato pancakes (mostly because it sounds like abomination) or post pictures of our plates. However, once or twice a week we enjoy a really good meal and a slice of perfect pizza.

We are loyal costumers and once we like something, we leave there bags of money. And here is the list of the place that made a fortune on us.

gli italiani best restaurants in warsaw best pizza in warsaw

Gli Italiani

The first spot couldn’t go to anybody else. True, cozy Italian pizzeria just across the street. We feel like the delivery guy is our flatmate. We practically never look at the menu, cause we always end up with the same order. Diavola. Which we ocasionally spice up with a carafe of red table wine and panacotta for dessert.

Price of pizzas start from twenty something zloty. And yes, it might not be an option for always-hungry students, but the whole world beside them we’ll be thrilled.

The delivery is available only on Mokotów.

Find them on: http://www.gliitaliani.pl/

mezze best restaurants in warsaw best hummus in warsaw


Beautifly decorated and located on a small square right next to Morskie Oko park,Mezze is a must for every fan of hummus and falafel.

Almost always crowded, as the food is not only delicious but also very cheap. The plate full of hummus, vegetables and falafel can fill up 2 people (20-25 zloty). And if you add a sandwich (13 zl) you won’t move from your chair for the next half an hour.

We recommend spicy sandwiches with mango and the arabic plate (talerz arabski).

Find them on facebook

oh my pho best vietnamease in Warsaw best asian warsaw

Oh My Pho

This little restaurant is run by Vietnamease who will charm you with their smile. Menu is simple, as it should be. Speciality of the place is of course soup pho and you will not find a better one in the neighbourhood.

Perfect place for lunch or to grab something on your way home.

Find them on facebook

best polish food in warsaw


If you are wondering where you should take your foreign friends to try real Polish cuisine, stop! Pikanteria is a place to start with. Delicious żurek in bread (13 zloty) and pierogi (18 zloty) is what you need.

Interestingly, you can order there also Italian dishes, but to be honest so far we never tried it. Just cen’t stop eating ruskie pierogi.

Pikanteria is located at Saska Kępa. Prices are reasonable.

Find them on http://www.pikanteria.waw.pl/?(english),36

best asian food in Warsaw

Pełną Parą

Probably my favorite restaurant specialied in Asian cuisne in Warsaw. Huge spaces but the lines are long so don’t forget to book a table on weekend!

We wholeheartedly recommend steamed dumplings, beef udon and spring rolls with duck filling. And of course mango lassi. One should never pass an opportunity to drink mango lassi!

Find them on http://www.pelnapara.pl/

best pizza in warsaw best restaurants in warsaw

Tre Orsi Pizza

As you may have noticed we mostly recommend restaurants on Mokotów and Śródmieście. But this one will be different!

If you are looking for an excuse to finally discover more remote parts of Warsaw, Tre Orsi will be perfect. Situated in a desolated park with three artificial lakes is probably the most beautifully located pizzeria in Warsaw. Go there once the trees get green and you will fall in love in their garden.

Find them on https://www.treorsi.pl/

best meat in Warsaw steaks beef


Perfect place to restore your protein level.

Yep, it is not technically a restaurant. But it is an extraordinary meat shop or if you will – butcher. You can not only buy here great beef and lamb, but also order a steak. Don’t be shy to bring your own drinks.

Find them on Facebook

burgers in Warsaw

Ćwierćfunciak and Wild Beef

If we are already talking about beef, we cannot forget about burger places. Warsaw is full of them: starting from food trucks, through juicy beef burgers at every corner of the rushed streets, small cheases from cheap chaines and ending up with vege versions with seitan.

Our favorite would be Ćwierćfunciak (mostly for the quality of meat) and Wild Beef (for experimenting with ingredients).

Find Ćwierćfunciak on Facebook.

Find Wild Beef on Facebook

Who didn’t make it to our top?

Warsaw is simply spoiling us and we cannot stay in front of the computer for ages, keep writing about new places without. There’s a new restaurant openning every day. Apart from these mentioned above, we could definitely recommend following places: Folk Gospoda (Polish food), Berek (Jewish food), Uki Uki (Japanease), Warung Jakarta (Indonesian), Heritage Shop & Wine (especially if you are looking for the ingredients for your very own pizza).

And also – we still cannot believe that A nóż and Lazy Dog were closed!

If we missed your favorite restaurant, let us know in the comment section below.

Tips for foodies

If you are a Warsaw foodie, but you feel that sometimes there is not enough zeros on your account to dine at the finest restaurants, here a tip for you.

Every now and then you can join the events organized during so called Fine Dine Weeks. You can then buy a 5 course degustatory menu in a special price.

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