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    Lawyer by profession, journalist traveler and adventure seeker by passion. After years of organizing trips for family and friends, decided to turn her experience into business. Author of travel blog. She is the best at finding a great spot for camping in the wild just by looking at the map. Loves cycling, kayaking and the Witcher.


    Anthropologist, Programmer, Technology geek, Sport instructor, BJJ brown belt.
    Cycled through the entire Poland. I love fixing things and finding new ways of making trips more convenient, yet still, exciting.

    We are both busy young parents who wish they have more time on their hands, so we know exactly what you need to feel more relaxed during your travel.

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    Eastern Poland

    What to do in Białowieża Forest

    You heard about Polish bisons and you want to see them in the National Park. But have no idea how to organize your trip there? Here are some basic tips…
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    Holidays in Poland. Where to go if you love chilling in water

    It is million degrees outside and you wish there was a swimming pool in your 35 square meter apartment. It probably won't miraculously appear there, but you can always go…
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    Ticks in Poland. Learn how to avoid getting bitten

    Are you planning to go kayaking? Camping? Or maybe just taking a 10 minutes walk around the meadow or a forest? If you are close to Polish nature, be prepared…


    I would like to send out the most sincere of thank you's to Justyna and Daniel from Plan Poland. I chose to visit Poland to catch up with old friends, and participate in a close friends' wedding. Little did I know I would embark on such a fun and fulfilling adventure across the country. From contemporary art, great parties with even greater people, amazing food and stunning natural landscapes, Poland never ceased to amaze me. This would not have been possible without the help of Plan Poland. I was given help with translation, route planning, purchasing train tickets, and most importantly, a local persepective. I would never have seen the things I did without your input, and I am forever grateful for the experiences I was able to have. THANK YOU!

    David McKenzieCanada

    We are grateful to Plan Poland and Z dala od biura for organizing for us unforgettable bike trips!
    We had a chance to travel with Daniel and Justyna twice this year. Both trips were organized very well. Even when we ended up in Bory Tucholskie after a catastrophic storm (which happened the night before our holidays), they managed to modify the track and our accommodation to make the trip happen.

    The best part of traveling with Daniel and Justyna is comfort. We don't have to worry about the route or planning what to see on the way. They choose routes that are optimal to our biking skills and full of attractions. Plus we can always count on Justyna that she will capture all the fun moments on her camera, as she takes great pictures.

    Dorota Czerwińska

    So far I have been on three trips organized by Justyna from Plan Poland, including to in Karkonosze. It was awesome, I have only good memories from these trips. Justyna planned everything for us, including a pit stop for Czech beer. I recommend Plan Poland to all the hard-workers of the world!

    Tomek Kowalczyk

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