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Snow in Warsaw. Shocking? Maybe, but I hope it is a new standard – warm summer and snowy winter that last not longer than till the first day of spring.

Cross-country skiing in Warsaw

If you are in Warsaw in winter, remember that it is the one time only opportunity to try cross-country skiing in the city. Check which place to go and how to prepare.

Cover picture Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

cross-country skiing warsaw powsin park winter warsaw skiing

What do I need to try cross-country skiing in Warsaw

Take your warm and comfortable clothes. You need some sport pants, sport jacket, hat and gloves (very important!).

You will get shoes and skis at the rental.

Remember that sun sets in Warsaw around 3-4 PM this time of the year. Bring some head light if you are planning a trip during these hours.

Take also you wallet. Don’t count on paying with a card. This time you need an old fashion cash.

skiing near warsaw slopes

Cross-country skiing in Warsaw – Fort Bema

How much does renting skis cost?

In Warsaw the prices of cross-country skiing rental are pretty standard. And low. Cross-country skiing is maybe the cheapest option to get entertained in the most expensive Polish city. You can rent it for 20-30 PLN for 2 hours.

In some places you can also hire an instructor or take part in the group class (for example in Białołęka, Wesoła or Młociny). The price for hiring the instructor depends on the type of the class. But you can join the group for about 25 PLN. Links to the websites below.

Where can I try cross-country skiing in Warsaw

Check the map. There are at least 6 places in Warsaw where you can rent the equipment. They are mostly located next to the forests and parks where you can ski.

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