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There are many places in Poland where you can see horses in their natural habitat. Also, Poland has rich tradition in horse breeding. Starting from the beginning of XVII century our cavalry husaria was praised as the best in Europe.

Check where to go to make a little rendezvous with these amazing animals.


A place for true horse lovers. A beautiful town close to Lublin – Zwierzyniec – is home to the large herd of wild horses. The species is known as konik polski which  literally means “Polish horsey”.

If you are lucky you can observe them from the watch towers around the reserve. They sometimes hang around the lakes in the centre of the area known as Echo ponds.

Konik polski might look modest, but it is highly regarded for its strength. They are also very calm creatures that will eat almost anything. Which is why sometimes they are called living mowers.

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Popielno in Mazury

1600 hektars’ large nature reserve. There, the herds of konik polski live as close to the natural conditions as possible (after all, it is still a reserve). They are not fed, the human interference is as minimal as possible. Popielno is also a small yacht harbor, so it is a good idea to visit it during your sailing trip in Mazury.


You can enter the reserve  and actually meet wild horses in their natural habitat. However, please remember not to disturb the animals and make as little impact as possible.

Remember it is PROHIBITED TO FEED the horses. Observe them from the distance. A cute selfie with a horsey is not worth ruining the efforts of many years of rebuilding the species. And be careful, as they are wild animals, so they can always bite or kick you.

To be as low impact as possible, please ask the staff of the park at the ecological center about the appropriate behaviour.

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Historical royal stables are still in use here. You can take horse riding lesson or check out the beauties at the paddocks, like we did on our way to the Vistula bike trail.

Kozienice is located at the edge of one of the most beautiful forests in Mazovia – Puszcza Kozienicka.

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Janow Podlaski

Janów Podlaski is a diamond in the crown of Polish horse breeding tradition. The richest of the rich were coming here every year to buy the most beautiful horses in the world. Shakes, rock stars, kings, name it. They were all present.

The stables are best known for breeding arabian horses and are located on the meadows at the river Bug. You can visit them with the guide or just walk around on your own.

Beside Janów Podlaski, there are many more well known horse breeding centers in Poland, like Golejewko, Walewice, Michałów, Białka.

Controversy around Janow Podlaski stables

A few years ago the long term president of the stables was fired and replaced by a person who lacked any knowledge in horse breeding, not to mention arabian horses breeding. Shortly after that two horses of Shirley Watts died at the stables. Of course, she sued.

According to the experts annual auction in Janów Podlaski, which used to be a grand event, lost its prestige. The turn out from the auctions was visibly lower last year.

We will see how it goes from here.

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stables around warsaw kozienice horses in poland where to learn horse riding
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