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The capital can be pretty tiring. So anytime you can you should leave it and check out the amazing little towns around Warsaw.

According to the research short but often holidays are more likely to keep you healthy. So stop thinking about the tropics and check out all the interesting places that are located not further than 2 hours drive from Warsaw and are perfect for a weekend trip out of town.









Nowa Sucha and Liw

Magical place. An open air museum with huge grean area in Nowa Sucha is perfect for a picnic day.

What to do:

  • see castle in Liw
  • kayak on river Liwiec
  •  visit open air museum in Nowa Sucha
nowa sucha open air museum trip around warsaw weekend out of warsaw what to do around warsaw
nowa sucha museum nice places around warsaw cool things to do around warsaw
beautoful places around warsaw museum nowa sucha trip out of town


Small city 90 km from Warsaw, located at the edge of wilderness of the same name. Used to be a birth place of Polish kings, today – location of the biggest power plant in Poland.

What to do:

  • see a palace in Kozienice
  • visit Royal Springs in the Kozienice’s Wilderness
  • kayak on Radomka river
  • bike to the banks of river Wisla
  • eat the best berry buns in the world! (from June till August)
horses royal stable kozienice weekend trip from warsaw places to visit
Pilica radomka kayaking near warsaw kyaking in warsaw kayaking around warsaw red headed woman in kayak
trip around warsaw nice places around warsaw weekend out of town
Kozienice interesting places around warsaw palaces palace in kozienice where to go for weekend from warsaw

Kampinos and Żelazowa Wola

These two towns located at the edge of vast Kampinos National Park are perfect for weekend out of town. Which is why they are full of summer houses. Żelazowa Wola is also best known as the location of Chopin’s mansion.

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What to do

  • hike or bike around Kampinos National Park
  • visit museum in Palmiry
  • visit house of Chopin in Żelazowa Wola
kampinos forest national park hiking biking in kampinos weekend trip out of warsaw interesting places around warsaw
kampinos forest around warsaw national park

 Zegrzynskie Lake and Gorge in Zegrzynek

Zegrzyńskie Lake is probably the most popular beach destination around Warsaw, so in summer you should be ready for huge traffic jams. But it is worth it. Just forget crowded beaches around Nieporęt and head for Zegrzynek were you find a beautiful gorge.

  • spend and afternoon at Klub Mila restaurant
  • walk around Gorge in Zegrzynek (Wąwóz Szaniawskiego)
  • rent a yacht and sail around the lake
  • kayak by Narew or Rządza river
  • take a bike trip to the northern banks of the lake
zegrze lake interesting places around warsaw weekend trip
zegrzynskie lake zalew zegrzynski

Valley of river Wkra

Very tranquil place not so far from Warsaw. Perfect if you are looking for a weekend retreat.

What to do

  • kayak on river Wkra
  • fishing!

Read more about kayaking around Warsaw

kayaking near warsaw wkra
COOL Interesting places around warsaw towns around warsaw what to see

Konstancin Jeziorna and beaches at Vistula river

Konstancin Jeziorna is, next to Podkowa Leśna, the most prestigious neighborhood around Warsaw. Old mansions, smooth river Jeziorka, the graduation tower and a spa. Plus proximity to the beach at river Vistula.

What to do

  • take a walk around Kontancin’s street: Sienkiewicza, Żeromskiego, Batorego…
  • visit graduation tower
  • kayak from Piaseczno to Konstancin
kayaking around warsaw interesting places around warsaw konstancin jeziorna
beach in warsaw konstancin jeziorna

Spala and Inowlodz

This is a great opportunity to visit neighboors at łodzkie voievodship. Spała is a summer capital, a place where all Polish presidents spent their holidays in the twenties. And Inowłodz is one of the oldest towns in Poland.

What to do

  • kayak on river Pilica
  • visit medieval castle and roman church in Inowlodz
  • see Nazi bunker in Konewka
  • see Blue springs
  • walk around Spała and visit a chapel of Presidents

Read more here 

spala one day trip from lodz one day trip from warsaw wooden architecture poland weekend trip around warsaw
Inowlodz pilica river one day trip from warsaw
bunker in konewka trip to spala one day trip from lodz


Kurpie is a beautiful, lushy green land North East from Warsaw. Historically inhabited by free people, masters in hunting and beekeeping.

What to do

  • kayak from Łomża to Nowogród on river Narew
  • visit open air museum in Nowogród and Wach
  • see wooden architecture in Klon
  • hike around Czarnia reserve and see 250 years old pines
weekend trip from warsaw kurpie wooden architecture poland polish village eastern poland what to see on way to mazury
kurpie museum in nowogrod one day trip from warsaw what to see on the way to mazury
kurpie village poland wooden architecture nowogrod museum

Transparency: This post was created in cooperation with Kozienice Municipality, but the experience and opinions are exclusively ours.

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