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Area around Jelenia Góra (before WWII known as Hirschberg) is perfect for bikers.

Difficulty level

You will find many amazing bike trails around Jelenia Gora and the good news is that they are suitable for both experience bikers and families with children.

If you are looking for a challenge, head for the bike trails in the Ecology Parks like Chełmy, Doliny Bobru or Rudawy Janowickie [you will find them all on our map below].

And if you are looking for more relaxed routes go East from Jelenia Góra towards Janowice Wielkie. As long as you will not decide to bike all the way to Miedzianka, you are safe.

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biking around jelenia gora lower silesia bike routes where to go by bike poland

Easy bike trails around Jelenia Góra

Start from Jelenia Góra and head east toward Wojanów by Łomnicka street. When you exit the city the road becomes less and less crowded.

On your way you will pass old palaces and castles. Stop for a cake at Łomnica and check palace Boberstein which is permamentely under reconstruction.

And if you feel like you want to spice things up a little you can extend your trip and visit a brewery in Miedzianka. The ride is more than exhausting as it is located at the top of the hill. But the cold beer and the view from the top is more than rewarding.

For whom: For families with children, entry level bikers and bikers who look for a short ride

Distance: 18 km from Jelenia Góra to Janowice Wielkie.

palac w lomnicy palace lomnitz Niederschlesien polen poland ne day trip from wroclaw
miedzianka kopferber Niederschlesien polish mountains lower silesia

Bike trip around Jelenia Gora in Lower Silesia

We recommend a route which will give an opportunity to challenge yourself on the steep roades of Lower Silesia.


Legnica – Złotoryja – Jawor – Jelenia Góra – Miedzianka – Kolorowe Jeziorka – Castle Książ in Wałbrzych

It will give you a chance to visit famous wooden Church of Peace in Jawor. On your way you will pass Legnica and Złotoryja, beautiful but a bit neglected since the Lower Silesia become Polish in 1945.

Friedenskirche church of peace in jawor poland jawor kościół
lower silesia niederschleisen biking radfahren bike trail mountains in Poland

The road between Jawor and Jelenia Góra is the most desserted part. There are only little towns on your way, but the views are spectacular.

Biking in Poland – where to sleep on the route

You will find maps of the bike trails in the TI in Jelenia Góra, which will help to plan the trip.

On your way you will find many guesthouses where you can stay for the night. If you need information about camping in wild in Poland, check our previous post.

And if you would like some more help, contact us. We prepare tailor made plans for holidays in Poland.

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  • We (4-6 people from Thailand ) will have a bike trip that will end in Dresden in early October 2020 and we would like to rent a car and explore fir 4-5 days in the areas between Dresden and Wroclaw (in the Lower Silesia).

    Is there a good place that we can hire a private guide and rent mountain bikes for a day? If they have Electric Assisted Mountain Bikes, it would be even better.

    We can do one or two Day-Rides during that period.

    As we will have a car, so we can move around to different areas.

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