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How to book Polish trains

The easiest way to book a train in Poland is to go the website.

There you can see a search box (which for some mysterious reasons disapear on the English version of the site).

You type station from which you want to start your train trip (Stacja Początkowa) and the finish station (Stacja Końcowa) and choose the date. Hit the search (wyszukaj) button and here it is, a current timetable.

Choose the most suitable connection. You can narrow your serach with checkboxes (so you could see only direct trains, trains with space for transporting bicycles, etc.).

Buying tickets for trains online

You can also buy tickets on-line by clicking “Kup bilet” which means “buy ticket”. You will be redirected to the purchase website.

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You can buy a ticket only 30 days in advance. If your train is on 1 of October and it is 22 of August – sorry! you need to wait another week to make booking.

Do I need to print the ticket for train

If you buy your ticket online you don’t have to print it. In IC, TLK, Pendolino and Express you can just show your ticket on the screen of your cell phone.

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  • Hey there! You can also check website, its easy and fast way to buy tickets online for polish and european trains. I have already checked and it works perfect! There is no problem with the return of the ticket or make changes in case of mistake. You can also call and buy a ticket over the phone. I really recommend. Have a nice day!

  • Matthew Sampson says:

    Can I purchase a train ticket after getting on the train with USD cash?
    I am trying to travel from Warsaw to Ukraine. I need to get as close as I can to the Medyka border crossing.

    Thank you!

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