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lowicz sleepy town what to do in łowicz

Visit open air museum in Maurzyce

Even sleepier than Łowicz, Maurzyce open air museum is as calm as it is. No crowds, no fuss. You can walk along colorful houses that were relocated there from the region of Łowicz. Bring your own food and make a picnic on grass or make use of a small local dinery.

You can take your dog with you.

Maurzyce is also worth your visit if you are interested in history of infrastructure. Just few hundred meteres from the museum, you will find the oldest in the world welding bridge.

open air museum lowicz maurzyce
maurzyce skansen
what to do in lowicz

Visit Romantic Garden in Arkadia

XIX century was totally about romantism. Aristocrats built ruins in their gardens, to give them romantic touch. The park in Arkadia is one of this. You will find there Roman temples, ruins of mansions and even an aqueduct. Everything covered by old oaks.

Beloved by newly weds photographers, the garden could definetely use some makeover. Or a new management, as a place have a lot of potential.

See palace in Nieborów

Just few km from Arkadia you will find a whole palace. The place is a cultural hotspot of the region, hosting many concerts and exhibitions.

arkadia nieborow swiatynia diany one day trip from warsaw
park in arkadia nieborow

Go kayaking

Small river Bzura is mostly known as a location of the biggest battle between German and Polish armies in 1939. Old days! Today the river is more than ready to accomodate kayakers who are looking for a smooth experience.

You can start your kayaking in Łowicz or Sochaczew.

How to get to Łowicz from Łódź

The easiest way to get to Łowicz from Łódź is by train (from a station Łódź Kaliska) or by car. Łowicz is located close to a free highway that connects Warsaw and Łódź.

How to get to Łowicz from Warsaw

The easiest way to get to Łowicz from Łódź is by train (for example from a station Warszawa Centralna) or by car. Łowicz is located close to a free highway that connects Warsaw and Łódź.

rzeka bzura kayaking
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