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Walk on Gdanski bridge at sunset

The lower deck of Gdański bridge is one of the most photogenic places in Warsaw.

gdanski bridge most gdanski bike path

Listen to Chopin recital in Lazienki

Listen to classic piano live music at beautiful Łazienki Royal Gardens. You can sit on a grass or a bench. It is always full of people.

Every Sunday from May till late September. Free entrance.

chopin concert royal gardens lazienki

Spend an evening at W Oparach Absurdu

One of the coziest pubs in Warsaw, one of the first popular places on the right, notorious, side of the river. Don’t forget to book a table in advance.

Visit BUW – Warsaw University Library

Maybe the most beautiful piece of architecture in Warsaw. BUW – the building of the university library near Vistula riverbanks. Concrete and huge green plants (which I hope will soon grow back) are responsible for creating amazing vibe of this place. Don’t miss the gardens at the roof.

Free entrance

buw warsaw university library things to do in warsaw

Eat at night market at Dworzec Główny

Dworzec Główny is a closed train station. Pretty iconic – this is where Józef Piłsudski (the founding father of Poland) get off the train for the first time after Poland reclaimed independence in 1918. immidiately after that went for… underwear shopping.

Today Dworzec Główny is a location of the night market. It is open for business in summer.

It is said that during 2019 the location will change – but we will see how it goes. Now it is still operating at Dworzec Główny. Be careful as this place usually is super crowded.

night market warsaw dworec glowny what to do in warsaw

Try not to hurt yourself at Hangar 646

Trampoline park is always an adventure. Hangar 646 is owned by the passionate family: one brother is an acrobat, the other a PR genius. Fly like an eagle, jump to the pools full of sponges, try snowboard tricks or do a salto or two.

Visit the Old Town

Did you know that Warsaw’s Old Town is not that old?

It has been created in the 1950s. The original old centre of Warsaw had been completely destroyed during Warsaw Uprising. The modern version is an exact replica.

what to do in warsaw sightseeing in warsaw old town

See fountain park show

Every May fountains between Old Town and Vistula banks have been features in the light and music shows.


See murals around the city

Doesn’t matter if it is a post industrial, neglected part of Warsaw or an old residential area. Warsaw is full of street art.

Read more in our previous post.

Barbecue at Vistula beach

In summer what seems like a whole population of Warsaw gather at the beaches of Warsaw to barbecue. Take a blanket, grab few beers and head toward right bank of the river near Poniatowski. If you don’t like crowds, check a beach next to Łazienkowski bridge.

See the smallest flat

Tiny flat situated in the space between two blocks – it’s just 152 cm wide. Designed by Jakub Szczęsny, it was used by Israeli artist Etgar Keret. Later on it was rented to several artists.

You can’t visit everyday. Check availability at [email protected] .

Take a look at Warsaw panorama

There are many great view points in Warsaw. My favorite is this one – from the Siekierkowski bridge.

warsaw touristic attractions

See the oldest brick house in Wola

The old brick house stands between some of the tallest projects in Warsaw. In front you can see a big parking space. Recently this area become a new business centre of Warsaw with new skyscrappers growin around every corner.

Who knows how long the brick house at Waliców will last as it is already in the state of total destruction and the ground under it is priceless. The access is forbidden, but you can read several information boards in front of it, which will tell you more about the history of the building.

Bike around the skyscrappers on week night

Streets around Warsaw business centre become quiet at night. But the lights don’t go off. This is the perfect moment to bike around the skyscrappers. The views are amazing.

The streets to follow are Emilii Plater, Świętokrzyska, Żelazna and Grzybowska.

See abandon project of Russia Federation

Completely off the beaten track.

The building at Sobieskiego 100 street is placed directly at the edge of a beautiful and quiet park. And it is in a state of almost total distruction.

Officers of Russian Embassy used to live here. Since the fell of communism it has been also falling into ruin. Many believe it is used by Russian secret service as a hide out of agents.

It is of course impossible to enter.

sielce sobieskiego 100 soviet history in poland secret agents things to do in warsaw

Visit Museum of Polish Vodka

You will find this truely intoxicating place at an old vodka factory Koneser. The place is being turned into an art/shopping centre.

Try cross-country skiing in Powsin

During these rare full-of-snow moments, Warsaw put on its skis and go around the parks: Powsin, Bielany and Kabaty. You can rent equipment in many places. Read more here.

off the beaten track in warsaw cross country sking

BJJ at Vistula river

Sometimes on weekend you can see a large group of grapplers picnicing at a beach near Łazienkowski bridge.

bjj warsaw academia gorila sport in poland beach warsaw

See post Soviet monuments

On of the most popular hang out spot for teenagers near Poniatowski beach.

Unlike in Budapest, post Sovier monuments are still present in Warsaw landscape. The one called Pomnik Kosciuszkowców is probably the biggest monument in the city.

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See tank track in John Baptist Cathedral

Old town was a scene for the bloody actions of Warsaw Uprising. Today you can find a piece of tank tracks in the wall of John Baptists’s Cathedral.

tank church warsaw katedra sw jana

Explore the right side of the river

There is a rumour that when Japanease delegation visited Warsaw they were thrilled with a view of the right side of Vistula river. They kept askng: “What’s your secret? How did you do it?”. And we were like: “Eh? What do you mean?”.

“How did you manage to keep this side of the river so wild and unregulated”.

Well that’s an easy one! It is simply a result of the years of negligence. Right side of Vistula have never been regulated and the river is unthamed. Thanks to that you can feel there like you were in the village.

Start exploring around Gdański bridge and walk toward Łazienkowski bridge. On your way you will find some bars and beaches and most of all many Varsovians who prefer to spend there the sunniest days.

Watch a movie in a park

We have dozens of parks and squares in Warsaw. In summer many of them host open air movie screenings. Imagine you siting on a blanket, drinking a lemonade and watching Casablanca for a 9th time.

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Try salsa in La Playa

Every Sunday at a beach club La Playa. If you are lucky, there’s a dance show by Oye. Be there!

Try best Polish ice-creams at Grycan

For the best price-quality ratio ice creams in Warsaw go to Polish family company Grycan. They have cafes in several places around the city and their ice creams are just delicious.

My personal favorites: plum in chocolate and salty carmel

Go for a breakfast to Mozaika

Mozaika is one of the most iconic restaurants in Warsaw. The new management gave it a new life and added some more adjustments to the former more traditional vibe. On Sundays they organize small dancefloor and play a lot of oldies like Spice Girls or Boney M. You will meet there old couples and bacherollete parties.

The highlights of the place are weekend breakfasts.

Saturday – 25zł/person
Sunday – 40zł/person (as the shops on Sunday are closed, Polish people are starving and the restaurants put their prices up up up :))

Find a choleric cemetery

Location is quite unbelievable. You can only get there by the train tracks.

Visit Ufficio Primo

This building was a joke. A joke made to the communistic party. Right after WWII it was an open secret that architects are not supposed to design buildings in any other style than social realism. But Marek Leykam, the author of the project, had some balls. He designed a new headquarter for the government that looks like a palace of Doge of Venice.

You should go inside. Even though the place is private own (you can rent it), the security will let you in to take a look at a beautiful courtyard.

Drink lemonade at Krolikarnia

Królikarnia is a name of a palace and a park in Mokotów district. Usually it is not crowded so it is a perfect place to just chill. You can grab a free sunbed and buy a lemonade from a palace bookshop.

warsaw off the beaten track palacein a park krolikarnia

See Fotoplastikon

It is probably the oldest fotoplastikon in Europe that still operates in the same location.

Location: Aleje Jerozolimskie 51

Price: PLN 4 (less than 1 €)

Visit Zabkowska street during the summer festival

Otwarta Ząbkowska (Open Ząbkowska) takes place every weekend of summer. Then Zabkowska street is being closed for car traffic and becomes a stage for the most inclusive festival of Warsaw. You can see concerts, dance lessons, theatre and even the performances of the members local community.

Learn how to cook pierogi

Pierogi is a traditional Polish dish – a pie that goes with many different fillings. Doesn’t matter if you are a wegetarian or a meat lover, there’s always a version for you.

Book a class for example here.

Try slackline on Pola Mokotowskie

A group of very sociable fans of slackline meet  on Pole Mokotowskie. You can use their lines and learn the basics of this sport every weekend.

Visit Fort Bema

A green and fascinated Fort Bema is a good place for a one or two hours walk and exploration. It is fully accessable old Russian fortress. You can access most of the buildings. In one of them you will find many graffitis and street art – the remainings of street art galery Forty Forty.

During winter time, when the temperature drops below zero, locals organize an ice rink at the mow. It is a must be attraction off the beaten track.

things to do in Warsaw fort Bema

Visit Palace in Wilanów

It is a fine place for a weekend walk and sightseeing. Don’t limit yourself to just a palace and take a walk around the gardens and the park. On winter it is decorated with fairy-talish lights.

Take a river cruise

For years neglected, river Vistula came back to life around 10 years ago. And it is now the centre of summer life.

You can take a cruise on a motor boat or rent a small yacht. Spend an evening drinking champaign on a deck or listen to the stories about the wildlife of Vistula.

Climb Mound of Warsaw Uprising

Warsaw is almost completely flat. Beside the river shafts and a ski slope in Szczesliwice, there is almost nothing you can climb on. Mound of Warsw Uprising is a nice change in the landscape and also a memorial place.

See Moorish houses and a palace at Promenada Park

As we visit this park almost every day, we have a soft spot for this place in our hearts. If you are looking for a nice place to spend an afternoon picnicing or sunbathing, this is a place to be.

In a park you will find a XVIII century palace. The park used to belong to the palace and that’s why you will find there also little stylish building, designed in a slighly oriental way.

See the longest blockhouse in Warsaw

Many tourists come to Poland for a communism lure. And if there is something from communistic times that is here to stay, it is the architecture.

There are two blockhouses that fight for tha honor of the longest in Warsaw. One called Sausage Dog – over 500 meter of concrete at Kijowska Street.

The other – at Przyczółek Grochowski in Praga-Południe –  commonly known as Beijing, with a length of about 1.5 km. However, this one does not form one line like the building at Kijowska.

Go kayaking

Kayaking around Warsaw is a perfect choice on a hot summer day. Small rivers like Swider and Jeziorka are easy to kayak through and more experienced kayakers may even try Vistula.

Read more about kayaking near Warsaw in our previous post.

kayaking around warsaw interesting places around warsaw konstancin jeziorna

Check out the socreal urban project of Plac Konstytucji

Plac Konstytucji is this massive square with lots of concrete and huge parking lot in a middle. It is also a home to many interesting post soviet monuments and reliefs. If you are interesting in the art of the working class era, that’s the place to visit.

socrealism in warsaw plac konstytucji

Go for a drink to Koszyki

Since its opening the place was both controversial and trendy. Controversial – as what used to be a place where anyone could do their shopping in the city centre was turned into a super glamour and expensive spot for bold and beautiful. Trendy – for the same reason.

We cannot deny that the space looks great and there are some good restaurants in Hala Koszyki, so this is enough reason to put Koszyki on your menu when visiting Warsaw.

drinks in warsaw where to go for a drink koszyki

Visit Museum of Warsaw Uprising

Speaking of the Uprising. If you are interested in the subject, visit the best Warsaw museum.

Price: PLN 25

Walk through Pole Mokotowskie on Saturday

Pole Mokotowskie is a favorite park of dogs. On an average weekend you will meet dozens of these cute animals and their owners behind a national library.

If you don’t have a dog, go there on your own.

things to do in warsaw parks pola mokotowskie

Watch a movie at Iluzjon

Don’t expect to watch Avengers here. Iluzjon is a very special movie theatre that serves also as a cinematic museum. It is located in the beautiful round building decorated with characteristic neon.

Dance at Port Czerniakowski

If you just want to go somewhere, grab a beer and maybe dance a little bit, go near Port Czerniakowski at Vistula river. In summer little open air clubs organize discos there.

Take a bicycle ride around Vistula

Especially in the morning when there is no people on the sidewalks. Bike path along the river is the nicest part of Warsaw.

what to do in warsaw copernicus science centre museums in warsaw

Drive through Swietokrzyski Bridge at night

One of the highlights of the evening classes on the right side of the river was  that I got to drive home through Swietokrzyski bridge at night.

The bridge looks great with all the city lights on in the background and you can feel there like Kuba from Ślepnąć od świateł.

Take a bet at horse race

Horse racing has long history in Poland. After all, for centuries we had a huge thing for cavalry, horse breeding, etc.

Since few years ago you can enjoy horse racing at Służewiec. Take a bet, loose some money and eat grilled sausages.

Where: Służewiec

Walk around Finnish cottages at Jazdów

It is a mere miracle that this place exists. It is a village in the middle of the city, located almost next to the parliament.

After the WWII, Finland  had to pay war retribution to Soviet Union. Part of the payment was made in kind – in cottages to be exact. Soviet Union then gave them to Warsaw, which was completely ruined after Warsaw Uprising.

I simply love biking around these tiny houses.

Read more about Jazdów here.

what to do in warsaw jazdow ujazdow cottage houses in warsaw

Visit Copernicus Science Centre

Your inner child is calling you. Go to Copernicus Science Centre to experiment and learn. Booking a ticket in advance is highly recommended. As well as visiting during week days.

what to do in warsaw in winter tips warsaw copernicus science centre

Eat ramen at Vegan Ramen Shop

If it is winter, cold and miserable outside, go for a huge bowl of noddles to Vegan Ramen Shop. It will work miracles for your stomach and your sinus.

It is always crowded.

Visit Polin Museum of History of Polish Jews

Maybe you are not interested in the subject. That’s fine. To be honest I am not a big fan myself as I find the exhibition chaotic.

However the place is worth a visit at least for its architecture.

Price: PLN 25 (around 6 €)

polin museum warsaw things to do in warsaw

Find 21 meridian

21 meridian goes right through Warsaw city centre. Find it on Plac Teatralny.

See where president Narutowicz was killed

Did you know the first president of Poland was assasinated? It happened on the stairs of Zachęta National Art Gallery. Check the stairs, but also don’t forget to see an exhibition!

zacheta gallery art in warsaw transfer form modlin airport

Go to the XXX floor of Palace of Science and Culture

Going down the beaten track: take a ride to the top floor od Palace of Science and Culture to see Warsaw panorama.

Price: PLN 20 (4 €)

Not in a mood for paying? Climb all the stairs for free instead.

Take a peak at a quidditch team

One of the highlights of my daily routine is going by Pola Mokotowskie park. I can usually spot there a team of quidditch players training hard for their next match. They will not mind if you stare for a moment.

Find war signs around the city

After Warsaw Uprising soldiers of Polish army went around the city to find out which buildings are safe to live in. During the uprising and shortly after, many brick houses  became death traps, as Germans hid explosives inside. Every building which was searched and considered safe, had been marked with signs like “It’s clear, no mines”.

You can find them all over the city, as soldiers found as many as 100.000 explosives in 1945.

Fall in love with wooden architecture in Józefów

In Warsaw, there are at least two places where you can admire wooden architecture. We already mentioned Jazdów. There is also a similar place in Bemowo, far in the north (Osiedle Przyjaźń).

However, if you are looking for a destination for a one day architecture driven trip outside of Warsaw, visit Józefów. There you can take a walk around świdermajer styled summer houses from XIX century.

things to do in warsaw swidermajer

See secret door at Polish Bank


Where: at ul. Bielańska

Eat at Mokotowski Bar Mleczny

This is a treat. Especially if you are travelling on a low budget. For less than 3 euro you can eat a whole meal and it will be an example of the fine Polish cuisine: pierogi, schabowe, bigos, żurek. The place is big, but it is not enough. Even though bar mleczny was designed for clients with thin wallets, it is visited even by the higher management. The lines are huge so be prepared to wait 10-15 minutes before you get to order.

cheap lunch warsaw things to do in warsaw what to try in warsaw

Hang out at Nowy Teatr

It is uber family friendly place.

Visit Powązki cemetery

The most famous cemetry in Warsaw is a beautiful place for a walk. You will find there graves of some of the most famous and genius Polish people – writers, musicians, soldiers, politicians, founding fathers, etc.

It is a must see if you are in town in November or in the end of October when Polish people celebrate All Saints Day.

things to do in warsaw what to do in warsaw powazki cemetery

Shop at Hala Mirowska

A temple for these few among us who love to cook. You will find there fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and spices from all around the world. Come in the morning when most local vendors are still present.

where to shop for fruits and vegetables in warsaw

Skate at Kazoora

Party at Plac Zbawiciela


Take a one day trip to Kampinos National Park

You will find more ideas for a one day trip around Warsaw in our previous post.

kampinos forest around warsaw national park
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