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Here is our pick of the most important apps that will make your stay in Poland easier.

We included affiliate links in this article. If you use them you probably get some free stuff from the affiliated company for a start and we will get some credit slip.

Jak dojade

No matter if you just moved to Warsaw (or any other big Polish city) or you are here just for few days. Jak dojadę will make transport around the city seem really simple.

One of the main “unneeded” question on all the expats forums is: “How do I get to…”. Jak dojadę literally means “How to get…” so it should fix all your problems with public transport.

What you can do with it:

  1. Check how to get from A to B in the fastest possible way
  2. Buy tickets for bus, tram or metro

Uber, Free Now, Bolt…

If you are worried about being ripped off in the taxi, use online apps. You can pay for your ride with card and with cash. They offer numerous promos during the year so it is worth to have all of them to know to be up to date.

There are many of them and it seems that every half a year another one come to life. The most known are: Uber, Free Now, Bolt.

What you can do with it: order and pay for private car ride.

warszawa citybike veturillo warsaw girl on a bike

Citybike apps in Poland

If you like exploring cities by bike, get an account with municipal bike rental systems. In Warsaw we have Veturilo and Acro Bike. And in other cities you have:

Wrocław city bike: Wrocławski Rower Miejski

Cracow city bike: Wavelo

Poznan citybike: Poznanski Rower Miejski

Electric scooters in Poland

Since last year you can also use electric scooters. They are literally everywhere.

Lime is the most popular company that provides scooter rental in Warsaw and with this link you can get a free unlock coupon for your first ride.

Book your stay with an app

If you are looking for accommodation apps like or AirBnb will be very helpful especially if you are visiting the biggest Polish cities. Click in the links above to get the discount for your first booking.

What can you do with it: book accommodation and activities

Facebook Messenger

Yeah… Facebook do what he pleases with our private data, but in Poland it is and probably will be the most popular on line communicator. Most people don’t send text and don’t use What’s App.

What you can do with it: contact all the people you meet during your stay in Poland


Quick reminder: Poland is not the Euro country, we have our own currency – zloty (that means “golden”). If you don’t have Polish currency or a bank account that allow you to withdraw zloty, you can use Revolut. It will let you pay with card  and avoid expensive costs of revoluting currencies by your bank. Note: it is a bank, so you need to put a little bit more effort than just dwonloading the app.

What can you do with it: pay for stuff

drinks in warsaw where to go for a drink koszyki

Polish cities are modern…

polish small shop

But remember, there is still plenty of places you will need cash

Transport apps – booking tickets and carpooling in Poland

A carpooling apps BlaBlaCar gives you an opportunity to travel around the country in private cars and share the expenses with other passenger. It is a good option for you if you need to get to a place that doesn’t have a comfortable connection by bus or a train.

If you are planning to go by a train it might be a good idea to download PKP app (PKP is the national train company) and KOLEO. The last one will help you to search for a convenient connection and to book tickets.

What you can do with it: find a driver (or passengers) for a ride

Food delivery apps in Poland

Hungry? Go out or if you are not in a mood, order from your favorite restaurant. UberEats is widely popular in the biggest Polish cities. It is worth to know it is not the only option. You can also use or Wolt,

What you can do with it: order food delivery

cheap lunch warsaw things to do in warsaw what to try in warsaw

Weather apps are useful in Poland

Last but not least. If it is your first time in the country with a temperate climate, you better say hello to the weather apps. You can rely on the standard Google weather search. But if you are planning a hike in the mountains download more sophisticated app. When we bike around Poland we usually use Storm Radar, but recently it is less reliable than it is used to be.

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