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For me there is no doubt that Kazimierz Dolny is the most beautiful Polish town.

There might be cities with bigger squares, older castles or temples. Kraków haS Sukiennice, Gdańsk has magnificent harbor. But Kazimierz is the one that till this day is not spoiled with hideous concrete projects. Even if you leave the old town, you will not end up in the place forgotten by the architects. You cannot say this about any other place in Poland.

Use our map to navigate around the most beautiful Polish town

What to do in Kazimierz Dolny

Check how much there is to do in Kazimierz Dolny. It is a perfect destination both for active tourists and those who are just looking for a good place to chill.

Visit Market Square

Market Square in Kazimierz Dolny is a cozy place full of restaurants and cafes. During summer and on weekends it is full of tourists, even after sunset.

kazimierz dolny main square most beautiful polish town

Visit ruins of medieval castle

Climb up by the cobbled street. There are the ruins of the medieval castle at the top of the hill. Just 100 meters away you will also find a lonely tower, a great viewpoint for the whole valley of Vistula river.

The castle is often used as a concert hall.

Most beautiful polish town castle in kazimierz dolny famous polish cities

Hike the gorges

Kazimierz is located at the very beginning of the Lublin Upland. It is famous for it loess valleys and Kazimierz Dolny is one of the best places to see them.

The most popular once are Wąwóz Korzeniowy (The Gorge of the Roots) and Wąwóz Małachowskiego (The Gorge of Malachowski). However, you should not be shy to visit others.

most beautiful polish town kazimierz dolny nature gorges in kazimierz dolny
Kazimierz Dolny gorges walk around kazimierz dolny wawoz korzeniowy roots gorge

Climb to the Hill of Three Crosses

The Hill is located in the town and you can see it on the East side from the streets.  Crosses erected at the top commemorate those who died during the epidemic of cholera in the beginning of XVIII century.

Unfortunately, the entrance to the hill is paid.

castle in kazimierz dolny view on the river

Buy art and chill in the gardens

Kazimierz Dolny works like a magnet to the artists. If you are feeling like spending some well earned money on a piece of art, visit local galleries.

If on the the other hand, you are more into spending cash on food and drinks, you will not be disappointed. We especially recommend restaurants like: Zielona Tawerna, Klubojadalnia Korzeniowa (next to the Korzeniowy Wąwóz) and Dom Architekta.

Whatever is your choice, be careful. Kazimierz Dolny can be very expensive.

kazimierz dolny streets city view art in kazimierz dolny

Visit castle in Janowiec

If you cross the river by the ferry, you will get to another little town – Janowiec. It is a location of the castle from XVI century.

Walk around the boulvards

If you are not interested in going up and down the gorges, take a stroll by the town’s boulevards.

When to visit Kazimierz Dolny

The most busy time of the year is off course those 5 months between May and October. Then the most beautiful town in Poland is just flooded with tourist (I really cannot blame them).

In August, Kazimierz hosts a popular film festival Dwa Brzegi. If you are planning to be there, book your hotel well in advance.

On the other hand, once the summer season is over, some of the restaurants and hotels shut down.

However, a few years ago a ski resort in Parchatka near Kazimierz Dolny has been opened. Giving tourists one more excuse to visit Kazimierz in winter.

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