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If you are trapped on an endless lowland around Warsaw, you don’t get to see much snow nor hills. However, the hardcore fans of winter sports will find a place to ski even within the borders of the city. Please see where do you have to go for skiing near Warsaw.

Ski resorts near Warsaw

Where to go skiing near Warsaw

In general, Central Poland is not the hottest winter destination in Poland. For that, you would have to go to the mountains. It takes around 8 hours  to get from Warsaw to Zakopane (the most popular town in the southern Poland) by train. It takes pretty much the same by car.

So sometimes you might simply give up and try skiing in the highlands. It will not take you more than 4 hours from Warsaw to get there. The most popular spots are located near Kielce and Lublin.

skiing near warsaw where to go for snowboard in warsaw

Photo by David Becker on Unsplash

Gorka Szczesliwicka

152 meters high artificial hill in the center of Warsaw. Probably the best possible option if you hate going out of town but still want to ski.

Instructors: Yes

Infrastructure: 227 m

Rental: yes

Prices: PLN 19 – 38


Ski slope in Parchatka

This ski slope is located near Kazimierz Dolny, making it really cool place for weekend. You can ski or snowboard during the day and spend the evening in cozy restaurants in the town. And there are many to choose from.

Kazimierz Dolny is one of the nicest destination for a weekend trip outside of Warsaw. It probably is one of the most amazing towns in Poland.

Infrastructure: 3 slopes:  420, 420 and 100 meters

Rental: Yes

Prices: PLN 2-3 for a ride



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Nartraj in Chrzanów

It is said to be the best skiing resort near Lublin.

Instructors: yes

Infrastructure: 9 routes: 80 – 700 meters

Prices: PLN 2,5 – 4 for a ride  or PLN 45-60 for 3 hours pass


Ski resort in Rybno

Ski Resort in Rybno is located East North from Warsaw, near Łomża, at the edge of the Narwia National Park. You will not get there by train, but the express road is almost finished. It will let you get there in less than  2 hours.

Rental: yes

Instructures: yes

Infrastructure: 350 – 500 m slopes  (350 – red)

Prices: Around PLN 2,5 for a ride


Ski resort in Myslecinek

Kill two birds with one stone. You can go have some fun on a slope and then visit one of the most beautiful Polish cities – Bydgoszcz. Don’t miss Museum of Soap!

Instructors: yes

Rental: yes

Prices: PLN 1,50 for a ride

Infrastructure: Two ski lifts and 3 short slopes: 170 m, 210 m and 250 m.


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Ski resort Baba Jaga in Bodzentyn

Baba Jaga ski resort is located in the lowest and the oldest Polish mountains – Swietokrzyskie. The closest big city is Kielce and you can get there by train or car.

Infrastructure: 3 ski lifts, 130 – 650 m

Rental: Yes

Prices: PLN 3-4

Instructors: yes


Tumlin ski resort

Tumlin ski resort is also located in Swietokrzyskie mountains.

Rental: yes

Infrastructure: 2 slopes – 150 m and 500 m

Prices: PLN 2-4

Instructors: yes


Skipark in Malinka

Only a begginer can be satisfied with this place. So if you are planning to put your ski shoes on for the first time in your life, you can decide for Malinka.

The upside is deffinetely location. Slope in Malinka is just right next to the A2 highway.

Infrastructure: 2 slopes: 250 m and 450 m

Rental: Yes

Prices: PLN 2,5 for a ride



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